Our Industries

Any industry that uses hydrocarbons (or animal or vegetable fats/oils) in its processes will have a need for oil water separation solutions provided by AHT.

Oil & Gas

oil gas and water-separator

The petroleum industry includes the global process of exploration, refining, transporting and marketing of petroleum products. The industry is divided into major sectors namely upstream (exploration sector), midstream (refining sector) and downstream (distribution sector-bulk and retail). AHT has provided and developed unique solutions to each of these sectors. We specialise in oil separation and have extensive experience to assist oil and gas clients in the design of sustainable effluent treatment plants.

Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Mining processes are often confronted with high water usage processes. The need to reuse and recycle water is a massive requirement. AHT can provide solutions to ensure water is reused and recycled.

Steel production

steel manufacturing water treatment

Steel production has a number of impacts on the environment, including air emissions, wastewater contaminants, hazardous wastes, and solid wastes.

The major environmental impacts from integrated steel mills are from coking and iron-making. Water pollution occurs when the water is used for cooling processes. Quenching water becomes contaminated with hydrocarbons and other compounds. While the volume of contaminated water can be great, quenching water is fairly easy to reuse. Pollutants can be removed by AHT products such as Hydraspin / Hydramix, etc. All smelter operations can benefit greatly by using AHT Technologies and Systems

Train Transportation

train waste treatment

Diesel engine trains require maintenance and water treatment systems that are able to deal with the potential high volume hydrocarbons. The need for reuse and recycling of water is great. The maintenance of the trains require wash bays that utilises water treatment technology and detergents. This places the responsibility on the entity providing the transport service to select processes and technologies in their maintenance that is not harmful to the environment. AHT is well suited to advise clients on what technologies will have the best sustainable solution.

Road Transport

transportation trucks wast treatmen

Increasing global freight transportation brings with it concerns about air quality and climate change. Road transportation is still driven by fossil fuel combustion-diesel fuel for most modes and with that combustion comes emissions of greenhouse gases, namely carbon dioxide(CO), oxides of nitrogen (NO), particulate matter (PM), sulphur oxides (SO) and air toxics. This industry’s actions on water is often under estimated. Small scale solutions exist to ensure that water used at the workshop can be reused and recycled. Contact AHT to assist you in designing and implementing the correct water treatment system.

oil water separation

Oil / Water Separator

seweage treatment

Sewer Treatment

portable drinking water treatment

Potable / Drinking Water Treatment

heavy metal removal

Heavy Metal Removal

bio remediation

Bio Remediation

Water Monitoring

Water Monitoring