Instralink – Telemetry System

African Horizon Technologies is a provider of technical solutions in various industries.

AHT introduced the Instralink as a simplified cost effective way to monitor progress to ensure productivity.

Instralink is a multipurpose remote data capturing telemetry system which performs a variety of functions, and includes SMS or email control and internet dashboard display.

Who needs Instralink

  • Water and waste-water purification systems
  • Mining industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Aqua cultures
  • Greenhouses
  • Refrigerated plant & trucks

Principle of Operation

principle operation

Applications Examples

  • Water quality measurement using specialized sensors (-40 to 90 Co)
  • Relay Control – 2 outputs (using the external power switch Instralink)
  • Position & movement reporting with a true GPS built-in unit
    (using the external GPS antenna Instralink) comprehensive fleet management system
  • Wastewater control ( reporting breakdown of pumps and measuring flow)
  • Air quality control monitoring & Tailings monitoring systems

oil water separation

Oil / Water Separator

seweage treatment

Sewer Treatment

portable drinking water treatment

Potable / Drinking Water Treatment

heavy metal removal

Heavy Metal Removal

bio remediation

Bio Remediation

Water Monitoring

Water Monitoring