Installation and Commissioning Report.

Location: Simon Stad Cape Town - Harbour Bay Type: UP-FLOW Filters Sil-Co-Sil 106 Size: 10-FT x 6-FT Vault UP-FLOW Filter 12 Module. As for the UP-FLOW Sil-Co-Sil 106 Filter system that was installed in Simon Stad Cape Town it is the First of its kind in South Africa. Short Overview & Product Description. The Up-Flow filter is a modular high-rate storm water filtration device designed to capture trash, oil, sediment and remove fine pollutants such as dissolved and particulate metals and nutrients from storm water runoff. Designed with efficiency, longevity and upkeep in mind, this high performance,…

Mogalakwena doing its Part for the Environment.

Mogalakwena North mining has upgraded to five new state-of-art oil separation facilities at the North Mining workshops. The project was completed without any incident and the mine recorded 51’238 hrs worked safely on the projects. Mogalakwena Mine was required to improve their oily water separation to ensure that discharge standards are met and to thus start reusing water on site where possible. Two 26m3/h Hydraspin systems each with a Spill recovery system was installed at North and South workshop areas treating all water before entering the PCD dams. New fuel facility, Bulk Lube dispensing,…

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