• water treatment system 1Cleaning and Monitoring your
    effluent to be legally compliant.
  • hydraspin oil water separatorHydraspin is a powerful oil water separator which
    uses 2000-3000 times the force of gravity to separate
    95% of 10-micron (and larger) oil droplets.
  • hydramix water separation systemHydramix deals with complex industrial water.
    Reuse and recycling of wash water and ensuring compliance in
    discharge water quality.
  • water treatment system 2We are an inventive team rendering diverse infrastructure
    solutions tailor made to our clients' needs.
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aht environmental engineering consultant 1

Your Water Treatment Specialist

African Horizon Technologies is an inventive organization rendering diverse infrastructure solutions tailor made for our client’s specific needs.

Our expertise range from; Industrial water treatment, water and waste water infrastructure design and supply of technology. Environmental engineering with Telemetry control technology, and monitoring systems.

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Industries We Serve

steel manufacturing water treatment


train waste treatment


oil gas water separator

Oil & Gas

transportation trucks waste treatmen


Our Partner

WateNow Africa specializes in making water purification easy and accessible to anyone in Africa.
Their area of expertise includes: Water Scarcity in Africa, Agriculture Water Solutions, Desalinisation & Home Water Purification

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