• Your Water Treatment Specialist
  • Hydraspin – Oil / Water Separator
  • Hydramix – Carbon Water Separator
  • Mobile Water Purification System
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Water Treatment Services

Oil / Water Separator

  • Oil interceptor
  • Industrial oil separator
  • Oil grit separator
  • Coalescing oil separator

Portable / Drinking Water Treatment

  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Reverse osmosis machine
  • Drinking water filtration
  • Osmosis water treatment

Sewage Treatment Systems

  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Sewage recycling system
  • Purification of sewage water
  • Sewage filtration system

Heavy Metal Removal

  • Crystal-Clear Separation

Bio Remediation

  • Microba
  • Diss-oil

Water Monitoring

  • Water quality probes
  • Online Monitoring

Your Waste Treatment Company

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African Horizon Technologies

Our expertise range from; Industrial Water Treatment, Oil / Water Separation, Sewage Treatment, Water & Waste Water Infrastructure design and supply of technology. Environmental engineering with Telemetry control technology, and monitoring systems.

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Why Choosing Us

  • Low life cycle cost technologies
  • Small footprint of equipment
  • Wide range of application - any industry with waste water
  • Treatment of effluent streams with variant: flow rate & concentration of pollutants
  • Manufacturing processes streamlined and cost effective
  • Low maintenance cost of technologies
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Modular design allows easy expansion
  • Integrated telemetry system allows for easy monitoring of systems
  • Low water treatment cost

Industries We Serve

Any industry that uses hydrocarbons (or animal or vegetable fats/oils) in its processes will have a need for oil water separation solutions provided by AHT.

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Sewage Treatment Facilities

Water treatment and utilities


Oil & Gas

Mining Industry

Steel production

Train Transportation

Road Transport

Energy and Utilities



Food Industry

Our Partner

WaterNow Africa specializes in making water purification easy and accessible to anyone in Africa.
Their area of expertise includes: Water Scarcity in Africa, Agriculture Water Solutions, Desalination & Home Water Purification

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