Abrimix Waste Water Treatment

The removal of most contaminants found within the process waste discharge water that does not comply with the standards laid down by DWA (Department of Water Affairs) for discharge to the environment.

Typical Applications

  • Abattoir waste water
  • Oil, fat & Grease Separation.
  • Tannery waste water
  • Fish processing waste water.
  • Rendering waste water .
  • Diary waste water .
  • Cosmetic plant waste water
  • Paint removal from water
  • Calcium Sulphate removal from water
  • Heavy metal removal from water
  • Veg processing plant waste water
  • Emulsion breaking and separation
  • Grain process industry.
  • Fruit processing waste water
  • Paper processing waste water
  • Fine coal separation and removal
  • Prepared food processing plant waste water

Abrimix Basic Flow Process

  • The waste water to be treated by the Abrimix process requires the waste water to be screened to remove all of the oversized solids (being the most cost effective method to remove contaminants from water. The screened water then flows to a surge tank to absorb the variable discharge flows. From the surge tank the water is pumped through to the Abrimix SSF tank.
  • Within the Abrimix SSF tank ,the generated solids are allowed to separate. Within the pipeline feeding the Abrimix SSF tank the necessary separating assisting reagents are added to assist with the solids agglomeration. Compressed air is used to transport the separated solids to the surface for removal.
  • The Abrimix SSF tank produces two products ,1) a suspended solids free and compliant discharge quality treated water for disposal or limited reuse , 2) a reduced moisture content solids for easy handling and disposal

Abrimix Ssf Technology Application

  • The Abrimix technology to be utilised by a potential client for the treatment of their waste water in the separation of suspended contaminants will require the following agreements
    to be entered into :
    1. ) The acceptance and signing of the Abrimix confidentiality agreement.
    2. ) The acceptance and signing of a service level agreement for a period of no less than one year
abrimix ssf
abrimix ssf
water treatment solution

    The Abrimix plant is divided into stages depending on what is required, to treat the waste water of the client to compliance, namely:

  • The primary oversized solids separation screen stage
  • The water conditioning stage
  • The variable feed flow surge absorption storage stage.
  • The secondary solids generation and separation stage.
  • The solids collection & clear water storage / disposal stage.
  • The Abrimix recommended wastewater treatment plant operates as a fixed flow treatment plant to allow for the effective control of reagent dosing and plant operational management.


  • The treatment process is actively controlled and driven to completion.
  • The Abrimix process is not sensitive to flow or solids loading variances.
  • The process is easily controlled and adjustable to maintain the required end result.
  • The treatment process is easy to operate.
  • The Capital equipment cost required is less than that of an equivalent conventional treatment plant.
  • Abrimix is and will remain continually involved to assist the client in attaining and maintaining the required discharge water quality results while the Abrimix technology is being utilised.
"The solution to process inefficiencies and excessive treatment cost."